About Us

Lynx Financial  Services Ltd has significant experience in the area of financial advice and planning. Led by our principal Gordon Watkins, Lynx Financial Services are committed to providing a client centered service and always willing to meet and review things with our clients.

Gordon Watkins is a Financial Adviser with over 25 years experience of working with clients- particularly in the area of investments and wealth management.

John McNicholas is a Qualified Financial Adviser who has been working for Ethical Financial for over 5 years. Educated in Dublin in Gonzaga College & Trinity College, John also completed a masters degree in the London School of Economics in 2010. Prior to working in financial services John worked as a Social Worker, and with the ISPCC. John has also played League of Ireland football for a number of years. At Ethical Financial, John advises clients on investments, pensions, and mortgages. John has a very strong attention to detail on taxation, charging, and sound financial advice.