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You probably have insurance for your car, maybe even your phone, but the most valuable thing in your life is your income. What happens if you are unable to work because of illness or injury? There are lots of options out there for individuals and families to protect against some of the toughest times life can throw at them, with options to suit all circumstances and budgets.

  • Mortgage Protection / Life Insurance

  • Serious Illness Cover

  • Income Protection 

  • Inheritance Tax Insurance 

We work with all of the major providers to ensure you get the right policy, with the right company and for the right price. Start the journey to peace of mind, get free and easy quotes you can understand. 


Saving into a pension is one of the most tax efficient things you can do with your money, but often people don’t know where to start. How much, when, why? All fair questions and information we can help you with. 

  • Starting a pension 

  • Maximising your contributions
  • Investing your pension 

  • Retirement Planning / Taking your money out 

The sooner you talk to an expert, the sooner you will have a plan and be moving in the right direction. Start the conversation to mapping out your future now. 


In todays world it can be hard to know what to do with your money. The traditional safe havens of banks and bonds have become expensive places to keep your money, with little or no prospect of it growing. Our knowledge extends to a wide range of investment products that can offer a mix of security and potential to suit your needs and risk profile. 

  • Regular Monthly Savers 

  • Lump Sum Investments 

  • From 3 – 30 years 

  • Bonds, Funds, Indexes, Shares or Property 

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