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Our Financial Check Up is an opportunity to discuss your current financial situation, and your financial choices, with a qualified professional, giving you peace of mind that you are on the right path and doing the right things.

  • Should I take a loan out or save up to pay for my next purchase?
  • We are saving, but have no big goals, what should we be doing?
  • Pay down my mortgage or increase my pension?
  • Increase my pension or start investing?
  • What are the risks to my finances?

When it comes down to it, personal finance is about decisions, what to do with your money. For many, trying to make head or tail of what you should be doing, and how to prioritise what to do now and next, is enough to make your head spin.

Our Financial Check Up is a short 1-hour, top level review with our Financial Planner to discuss your money, your future and importantly what your options are. We will then give you a written review and recommendation, advising what to prioritise, what to avoid and why.

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Free 15 minute mortgage review call

A free 15 minute consultation to review your current mortgage. 

  • Find out if you are overpaying
  • If you are, what can you save and how? (it’s not always about switching)
  • As with everything, you have options. Set 15 minutes aside to find out what yours are when it comes to your mortgage

Your mortgage is most likely the biggest monthly outgoing in your house. Our free mortgage review is designed to give you an idea of whether you are paying more than you need to, and if so, how can you put that money in your own pocket rather than the banks. We will give you a call at a time that suits you, get some basic information from you and come back with a brief report of what you are paying vs the best available mortgage, what the potential savings are and how to get them.

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Discuss Savings & Investments accounts in Ireland

This is a free of charge appointment with our mortgage advisor, Gareth, to discuss your circumstances, what you want and how to get it. 

  • Talk about what you want to do
  • Find out what is possible and how to do it
  • Ask any questions you have (we can explain all the jargon!)
  • If you are making an application, we help you every step of the way

Buying your first home, trading up or releasing equity from an existing property?…. Then our mortgage consultation is for you.  We can facilitate the appointment in person, on the phone or via a video call at a time that suits you, including evenings and Saturdays.

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Talk to a qualified financial advisor to find out what you can do with your savings to get more for your money.

  • Discuss your savings and the options open to you
  • Calculate your appetite for risk
  • Get a written recommendation 
  • If you want to open an account, we can help you get it done

Leaving big sums of money in the bank is a relatively expensive thing to do. You get hit for taxes & charges while earning virtually no interest at all. There are a huge number of options out there for your savings, from those looking for a safe place for their money whilst offering some return, to those looking to invest and maximise the return on their money. Arrange a consultation to find out what is the right fit for you.

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A pension is an investment account, setting one up is the first step but it is prudent to review it regularly and make sure you are getting the maximum from it.

  • Meet with an independent qualified advisor
  • Review your retirement goals & if you are on track to meet them
  • Understand if there is something you can do differently
  • Maximise your pension and protect it from the risk of inflation

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Setting up and contributing to a pension is one of the best financial decisions you can make (read more on why). We can set up your pension, advise on what to contribute and how to invest it.

  • Discover the most tax efficient way to set up your pension, whether you are an employee, self-employed or a company director
  • Get advice on the best pension providers in Ireland and why?
  • Ensure you are not paying unnecessary fees and commissions 
  • Finally take setting up a pension off the long finger, from €50pm

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A free 30-minute consultation with a financial advisor on your protection needs. Discuss Mortgage Protection, Life Insurance, Income Protection with an independent professional.

  • Discuss your situation & what you would like
  • Get a recommendation on what cover would be suitable
  • Get quotes from all of the major providers to make sure you are not overpaying
  • Understand what different insurance companies offer and where the best value is (the cheapest isn’t always the best when it comes to protection!)

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