Our Approach

No minimum amounts or big fees, at Lynx we believe that investing isn’t about get rich quick schemes, or wealthy Wall Street bankers. Nor is it about taking big risks with your money. Our investment philosophy is about helping people to safely invest their money to help meet financial goals, be it a rainy-day fund, house deposit / renovations, or anything else they want to achieve.


Be it for a specific goal or a pot of money you would like to see grow, when investing a lump sum it is always wise to get good financial advice to understand if what you are investing in meets your needs. We will put a personalised plan in place so you can have confidence that your investments have the right amount of security & potential to suit you.


These days saving your money into deposit accounts has become less attractive as charges go up and interest rates come down, the prospect of getting less money back than you have saved is unappealing. From €100 per month, you can start your own savings & investment account, which can allow your money the opportunity to start working harder and growing for you.



Investing is like setting up a bank account or most other things you buy. Provide your details and a document or two to prove who you are.


Investment accounts give you a greater chance of growing your savings than bank accounts. Get your money to make more money and accumulate wealth


You can see how your money is performing, move it around, add / reduce the amount or withdraw it entirely without big charges or notice periods.


Investing isn’t about taking big risks. Get good advice, access top performing funds and spread your investments so your eggs aren’t all in one basket.

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