Whether you are an employee, self-employed or a company director, we can help you start the right pension for you. The key thing is to understand what you are getting into , as that will give you confidence. We can explain your options, help you get set up and plan reviews to see that everything is going to plan as the years role on.

It costs nothing to have a chat with us and start putting a plan in place, so schedule a call or drop us an email today. The sooner you start, the sooner your pension starts growing.


If you are moving jobs, looking to consolidate 2 or more pensions together, want to start an AVC or maybe invest your pension differently, we can guide you through what you can and cannot do under pension regulations. Whether it’s a personal pension, self employed or executive pension scheme you have options, and we can help you understand what they are and what will work best for you.

Your pension can be one of your biggest assets in life, make sure you have clarity and confidence in yours, and that you are on the right path.


Approaching retirement age is a critical time, as you face important decisions on what to do with the money in your pension. Making the right decisions at this juncture is key to your retirement lifestyle. As a result, it is always good advice to speak to a Financial Advisor who can explain your options and what the positives and negatives are of each choice.
From your right to a Tax Free Lump Sum, to reinvesting your money to get an income, rather than running down the pot, you are in control of what happens next, so make sure you have a retirement plan and it makes the most of your hard work and savings, for you.


You may have no pension, or you want to add overtime or bonus payments to your pension. There are 3 main options here (PRSA, PPP or AVC) and we can help you to chose the right one and get set up.


Most business owners have enough to be worrying about, don’t let retirement be one of them. Talk to us today about setting up a Directors Pension, Executive Pensions or SAP, and start building your pension pot.


Pensions are one area where the self employed individual doesn’t miss out vs the rest! All the tax incentives are there for you, understand your options (PRSA, PPP or SAPS), get it set up and start getting the benefits.



Start gaining from the tax efficiencies and investment returns your money can benefit from


Its your money and you can change how much you put in and where it goes


It doesn’t have to be complicated. Good advice means you can have a clear plan and be confident in it.


Accumulate your money, maximise the benefits available & enjoy the outcomes of having more money in retirement

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