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Good news on mortgage rates!

After two years of interest hikes, Irish mortgage rates look like they have turned a corner with all of the lenders in the market announcing rate cuts in the last 6 weeks. With the EBC strongly expected to announce interest rate cuts in June, Irish banks have not hung around, with something of a price

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“For a man’s House is his Castle” – Life Insurance & Mortgage Protection

In this article, we explore the importance of protecting your most valuable asset and what the various options are. This includes key differences between mortgage protection and life insurance, helping you understand the considerations that should be factored in when saving for your future. In 1644, English judge Sir Edward Coke was quoted as saying,

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How does an Investment Account work?

We have previously covered savings accounts, for long term savings. In this article, we highlight Regular Saver Investment accounts as they are very attractive and easy to set up. To get started, simply follow these steps: Set up a Direct Debit amount and date. Choose your investment fund or funds. Your monthly savings go into

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The Pension Timebomb

According to the Guardian, “Ireland used to have one of the highest rates of home ownership in the EU. But despite near full employment and record economic growth in recent years, just 66% of housing is owner-occupied now, down from 79% in 1991. Home ownership has collapsed particularly among younger generations and lower-income groups. Today,

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Getting Financially Fit for 2024

This festive season, we are living in a world like no other. Many of us are still reeling from the pandemic in addition to inflation, low interest rates and wars across Europe and the Middle East. All these circumstances have ushered in unwelcome volatility in the markets. This leaves many of us looking towards 2024

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Top Tips For Getting Mortgage Ready

People often come to us with a mindset that getting mortgage approval is next to impossible, and that their application will be turned down if they are buying coffee every day or going on nights out etc. This isn't the case. Lenders are open for business and eager for new customers, but there are some

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Switcher Mortgages in Ireland

SWITCHER MORTGAGES What is a switcher mortgage, Why would I switch and How do I switch?.... All questions that as a mortgage broker we hear on a regular basis. While financial jargon terrifies most people, Switcher Mortgages are nothing to be scared of. In fact they are great for an awful lot of home owners.

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