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Top Tips For Getting Mortgage Ready

People often come to us with a mindset that getting mortgage approval is next to impossible, and that their application will be turned down if they are buying coffee every day or going on nights out etc. This isn't the case. Lenders are open for business and eager for new customers, but there are some

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Switcher Mortgages in Ireland

SWITCHER MORTGAGES What is a switcher mortgage, Why would I switch and How do I switch?.... All questions that as a mortgage broker we hear on a regular basis. While financial jargon terrifies most people, Switcher Mortgages are nothing to be scared of. In fact they are great for an awful lot of home owners.

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Getting a Mortgage in Ireland

A short guide to getting a mortgage. 3 main factors, in how much you can borrow to buy a home in Ireland: - Your income - Your deposit (savings etc) - Your ability to repay it every month (existing rent & savings) We are an independent financial advisor and mortgage broker in Dublin, offering

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Fixed Rate vs Variable Rate Mortgages

A term you will hear a lot when you are researching a mortgage, but what does it mean? The ‘rate’ you are paying for your mortgage generally refers to the interest rate, the higher the interest rate, the more you are paying back. Whether it is Fixed or Variable is usually up to you, it

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